We are an international group of scholars who are interested in examining the inter-disciplinary interactions between markets and development. Since the foundation of ISMD the involved scholars have been devoted in not only economic development but a broad and critical view of development including well-being and quality of life. Similarly, for us markets are all inclusive and we particularly concentrate on the markets that have received less research attention.
Our aim is to bring together scholars from a myriad of nations, cultures, universities, businesses and disciplines to discuss and publish about issues on development and how business as a research field or as a phenomenon can enhance development. At the same time, we invite critical discussion about development; whose development, what development, why development, where development. Too frequently development is discussed and defined by those who do not need it and for that very reason ISMD is a forum for voices unheard to be heard and promoted.
Since our organization throughout it’s history has provided voice for and awareness of those less vocal we have held our conferences in countries like Vietnam, Ghana, Romania, India, Morocco and China. That way we have been able to attract scholars from local universities and learned from them their views on topics on markets and development. In consequence, we have been able to broaden scholarly views on business research by alternative philosophies and also by practical solutions. Thus, way before popular Base-of-the-Pyramid or substance market places research we have provided a platform for inclusive scholarly debate. We continue on that very road and are happy to see that our call has been heard and that more and more scholars as well as businesses are interested in market places previously considered as not interesting.
However, the very popularity of the field creates more challenges. The alternative market places, those with less economic or social resources, are by their nature fragile and vulnerable. When business and development enter these places they may be destroyed and harmed thus we need ever more ethical and inclusive attention to both development and alternative markets. The links on this website connect you to a number of markets and development resources. You can learn more about our coming conferences on (a) the Biennial International Conference on Markets and Development, and (b) about journals that publish on ISMD topics: Journal of Macromarketing, and International Journal of Emerging Markets.

Pia Polsa, President



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